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TBP Magazine monthly issue featuring bloggers by bloggers

TBP E-Magazine: April Edition Featuring Sisi Yemmie

This Month’s TBP Magazine is PACKED with information and Juice like no other. Featuring Top Nigerian Blogger Sisi Yemmie on the cover of this month’s edition and an exclusive interview as well, the magazine also includes a new section “Instagram Loves…”, Post ideas for this month and some tips from the team to YOU! i.e What our clients look for…

TBP E-Magazine: February Edition Featuring Blogger Alma Ojubana-Ngur

TBP E-Magazine: February Edition Featuring Blogger Alma Ojubana-Ngur On this month’s TBP Exclusive Online Magazine cover, we have the ever stunning Blogger and Entrepreneur, Alma Ojubana-Ngur. Speaking of the realities of being a blogger and also a business owner, Alma gives us a quick insight into who she is, why she blogs and why her business is a sister brand…

Guess who’s on our December cover!

“Style… makes you stand out amongst millions of people. It’s your identity and should be unique just like a fingerprint” – Ifeanyi Okafor Jr Male fashion bloggers are becoming a major style force in the Nigerian fashion industry and Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. is definitely one of the leading men on this. Stylish, modern and with a sense of style that’s…