Business Tips: 3 Major Ways To Make Your Online Store A Success

online store

Starting an online store nowadays is common among youths and anyone really looking to sell either their services or products. Being in the blogging industry for a few years now, I have noticed us bloggers expand into online retailing. I mean, we already have a platform. So, why not expand into another area of our field of expertise.

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Featured Post: Don’t Miss It – I Am Offering FREE Blog Consultation To 4 Lucky Bloggers

Don’t Miss It – I Am Offering FREE Blog Consultation To 4 Lucky Bloggers You already know one of my favourite things in the world is seeing other bloggers grow and helping every little way I can. So, this month, I have decided to offer one of my services to 4 lucky bloggers. I get lots … Read more

Guest Post: What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Can You Earn From It

What is Affiliate Marketing And How Can You Earn From It


You have probably heard the term “Affiliate Marketing” before and even if you haven’t, it’s just one of the ways through which you can make money from your blog or website. So many bloggers are making six figure incomes from affiliate marketing and it’s a good start to blog monetization. What does it entail? 

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Guest Post: 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

A visually Appealing blog should be the desire of any blogger who wants to draw attention and keep their audience intrigued to their blog and blog design. The truth is that not everyone that visits your blog would take their time to read through your post especially if it, not a topic they find interesting or your blog centres on areas that do not catch their fancy. In such a situation like this, how do you ensure uninterested people also become your audience?  The Secret is all in the Visual appeal of your Blog. A visually appealing blog has the ability to keep its reader for a longer while. The truth is that everybody loves eye candy and that’s why Instagram is having more and more users. Here are five tips to help you transform your blog into a more visually appealing one.

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Guest Post: Your Smart Guide To Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is the best way to be fashionable on a budget. As cheap as thrift shopping sounds it has its way around it. Below are lists of what you should look out for or bear in mind when next you’re shopping on a budget! Quality of the fabric That it’s cheap doesn’t mean you … Read more

Danie’s Corner – 4 Simple Steps to Achieving The Polka Dots Nail Art Inspired by Duro Olowu

Familiar with Duro Olowu? He is a Nigerian-born, London-based designer that is making waves in today’s world of fashion. The first thing that came to my mind when I came across this piece was “Boom! I’ve got to have this combo on my nails.”   The polka dots got me and I love me some polka dot … Read more

Guest Post : Doing It The Dungaree Way!

Hello sweethearts, My name is Ada of It’s my first time doing this and I am more than elated doing this. Sometimes I ask myself “If I am not doing fashion what else would I be doing” Trust your week is going on fine and weekend is going to be lit. Well, today we … Read more

Guest Post: 12 Practical Blogger Collaboration Ideas

So you have found another blogger or bloggers in your niche and would like to approach them to collaborate on something, Yay! But there’s just one problem, what on earth are we going to collaborate on? Hope this list gives you some inspiration and direction Guest posts – Probably the most common kind of collaboration … Read more

Guest Post: Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Other Bloggers & How to Get Started

Thanks to The blogger point NG, I had my first ever blogger collaboration which has been truly amazing. It’s just a wonderful place to discover and connect with so many bloggers you never even knew existed and a collaboration can benefit you in so many ways Collaborations give your blog more exposure – By collaborating … Read more