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  • Instagram and Website campaign:  Are bloggers part of your target consumers? Then position your product where it can be visible to this market niche (Advert placement: Header, Sidebar, Footer and In between articles).

  • Content: We will connect you with the best blogger in the same industry as your brand, who will write an article all about your brand on their blog or create over 500 words content posted on our official page + Instagram post. In return, this will increase your online presence; boost your brand SEO when searched on Google. (Different packages available)

  • Content creator needed/Blogger?: Do you need a content creator for your website? Then, our platform is the right place to search (Flat rate applies)

  • Event Promotion: Do you have an upcoming event (Workshop, Classes, Seminars, Social event: brunch, hang-out etc….) you think influencers will love to attend? Then, place your advert on the perfect platform where influencers meet + A free press release or Event promotion article will be published on our platform (Flat rate applies)

  • Bloggers Event: We will organise our bloggers to come hang out at your location (Store, Bar, Restaurant). In return, you get a full detailed review about their experience, your brand and/or products published on their blog and on our official website + at least 1 Instagram post each on their personal account. In return, this will increase your brand awareness, boost your followership, store presence, attract potential customers and increase sales. (Different packages available)

  • Product review: We will help you get the perfect bloggers that best suit your brand to review your products on their Blog/YouTube channel + Instagram post. In return, you get a brand focused promotion and boost your business exposure, a true review of your products which can be used as a reference for your brand/business. (Different packages available)

  • TBP Visit (Hotels only): We will organise our top blogger’s to spend few days at your hotel to promote your services accompanied with excellent shots of your location. In return, this can be used as a reference for your brand to customers, boost the brand awareness and services; increase the percentage of your potential customers.

Our channels of Distribution:– We have 805+ Bloggers registered on the platform. We get through to them via Newsletter, Individual emails, Instagram, Website




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