Danie’s Corner : 5 Things You Can Do Now To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

take your blog to the next level

5 Things You Can Do Now To Take Your Blog To The Next Level Here are 5 things you can do now that help push your blog to the next level. I feel with blogging, you never really arrive at an endpoint. You keep growing, learning and approving on a daily basis and if you … Read more

TBP Top 40 Blogger Style at Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017

What are our top blogger style picks from Lagos fashion week? Lagos Fashion & Design week 2017  held just last week from the 25th to the 28th of October, 2017 at Eko Atlantic, Lagos. Nigerian designers and brands were there to showcase their latest styles and designs and you can be sure that fashion lovers, press, … Read more

Danie’s Corner : How I Finally Got My Blog Approved For Adsense After Several Rejections

blogs approve adsense

  How I Got My Blog Approved For Adsense This post is about how I got approved for Adsense on my blogger blog. When I first created my blog almost accidentally, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing neither was I taking it so seriously from the onset so I set it up on … Read more

Danie’s Corner: How to Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog & Make Money From It.

add shop this post widget to blog

This post will be a guide to show you how easy it is to add a ‘Shop this Post’ widget to your blog/blog posts. You may have probably seen this on some blogs and websites, it’s a carousel of products that the blogger is wearing, writing about, or recommending to his/her readers giving them the … Read more

Danie’s Corner : How To Film YouTube Videos On Your Smartphone

How to film videos on smartphone

How to film YouTube videos on smartphone. Youtube is an excellent platform for video bloggers aka vloggers, and if you’re reading this, you either want to start up doing Youtube or you want to start creating videos to go along with your blog posts or for your Instagram or Facebook page. The idea we all have when … Read more

Danie’s Corner: 14 Great Ways To Quickly Grow Your Blog’s Facebook Page

Grow Facebook page the bloggerpoint ng

Grow Your Facebook Page If you read How To Use Facebook to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog, you remember setting up a facebook page is a great source of traffic to your main blog posts. So let’s say you’ve already created a Facebook page for your blog separate from your personal Facebook account but … Read more

Danie’s Corner : 10 Hardcore Blogging Lessons I’ve Learnt In The Last 6 Months [ Part 2 ]

Blogging lessons for bloggers and influencers the blogger point Nigeria

Blogging Lessons for becoming a successful blogger Welcome to part 2 of 10 Hardcore Lessons Blogging has taught me in the last 6 months. If you haven’t read the part 1 of this two part post, catch up here. Like, I said in the part 1, this path way of blogging is an everyday learning … Read more

Danie’s Corner: 10 Hardcore Blogging Lessons I’ve Learnt In The Last 6 Months [Part 1]

Blogging Lessons, the blogger point Nigeria

As bloggers and creatives, constant learning is an integral part of our job and it’s not possible to reach a point where you can say, you now know everything that blogging entails and in this post, I’m sharing with you guys 10 hardcore lessons that I’ve personally learnt from blogging in the last 6 months … Read more