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Author: Daniella Bature

I'm a female lifestyle blogger. I blog about everything that has to do with a young woman's life - How To's, Beauty Tips, Fashion tips, DIY, Guides, University Tips & Hacks, Hair and Reviews of products I use and places I go.

5 Reasons Every Blogger Needs Google Analytics To Monitor Blog Traffic, Now!

For those who don’t know, Google Analytics is an amazing web application from Google that allows you to track and monitor your website traffic and the best part is that it’s completely free. Now, how can Google Analytics benefit you and your blog? If you aren’t set up with Google Analytics yet, I recommend you do so immediately after this blog…

How Top Bloggers Make Their Money And What You Can Learn From Them

Out of a need to explore how I could personally monetize my blog and content and also take my blogging to another level, I have studied and still study a number of top, successful bloggers, their blogs, their other ventures and how they are able to earn sustainable incomes from what they do. In no particular order, Monetizing with PPC/CPM…

How To Correctly Approach Another Blogger For A Collaboration (Step By Step Guide)

For so many reasons, some bloggers find it difficult approaching other bloggers especially the ones they don’t know so well to pitch or propose a collaboration idea to them. One of these reasons may be the fear of rejection or a contrary response. Apart from the fact that you should feel the fear and approach the blogger anyway because the…