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Guess who’s on our December cover!

“Style… makes you stand out amongst millions of people. It’s your identity and should be unique just like a fingerprint” – Ifeanyi Okafor Jr Male fashion bloggers are becoming a major style force in the Nigerian fashion industry and Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. is definitely one of the leading men on this. Stylish, modern and with […]

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New to blogging? Here’s How To Get People to Notice Your Blog

Sometimes, you put a post together or sometimes several posts only to find that no one is reading or very few people read it. This is a post you put a lot of work, sweat, creativity, skill and effort into and before hitting publish, you read it over and over again and it seemed to […]

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Guest Post: Your Smart Guide To Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is the best way to be fashionable on a budget. As cheap as thrift shopping sounds it has its way around it. Below are lists of what you should look out for or bear in mind when next you’re shopping on a budget! Quality of the fabric That it’s cheap doesn’t mean you […]

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Bloggers Opportunities

We are constantly working on interesting projects for our bloggers. Check it out! -Trips, Worshops,Events,Collaboration Opportunities *** COMING UP...... TBP Bloggers Brunch, Independence day, Bloggers meet-up, Campus Talk, TBP Festival, TBP Beach day, Christmas party, Mother's day, Father's day, Easter party, Valentine reunion, etc. (LOGIN TO VIEW ALL PROJECTS DETAILS)


The Blogger Point was founded in May 2016 by Maryam Salam. The aims of TBP are: to connect Nigerian bloggers with brands worldwide, create an interactive platform for Nigerian bloggers and established an agency that can represent Nigerian bloggers. We currently have a platform of 500+ registered Nigerian bloggers both home and abroad.

Are you a blogger, Youtuber or digital influencer looking to work with brands? Join us today. We post regular opportunities to work collaborate with brand and do review, monetise your blog, tips to improve your blogging skills and brand yourself as a better blogger. You can also join other Nigerian bloggers on our LIVE forum (#HTT) discussion every Thursday from 7pm on our website (HERE) Are you looking to work with brands and take your site or Youtube channel to the next stage? Then we can help. We will regularly post advice from top bloggers in the business and advise on best practice on how to work with brands, monetise your blog and help you strengthen your brand. Also get involved with our #FBLCHAT on Twitter, where we will discuss some of the hottest topics in the blogging world today.
Are you a brand looking to promote your business through social platforms? We can connect you directly with more than 500 registered bloggers on our platform. Our aim is to offer you the best services at a premium charge. We guarantee to connect you with the most suitable blogger for your brand. Email us for more information at
Are you interested in sponsoring one of our events? Kindly send us an email at:

Our services

Our aim is to connect Nigerian bloggers all over the country and globe for better relationship with brands. Here are various services packages for brands. Email us at for more informations and pricing*.

TBP Gift box
A selection of brands contribute products to each box as well as any personalized messages and discount. (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT) - We pick up the item from brand - We recruit some of the most influential YouTubers, Bloggers and Instagram influencers (According to your decision) in Nigeria where by they open up their TBP GIFTBOX live on their YouTube channel or share on blog with their audience. - Upto 3 boxes/month (Email:
Campaign Management
You discuss your idea with our campaign manager, who will agree a campaign brief and deliverable. - The campaign manager source appropriate bloggers, negotiate bloggers rate/ conditions and full execution of campaign - Collaboration between 1 to 5 bloggers per month - 1 Free sponsored post about your brand by one of our bloggers - Blogger will pick up item from you or You can post it (optional)/(Email:
Customized Campaign
You get unlimited work collaborations with our bloggers monthly - Discuss what you want - 7 DAYS: Free advertising banner on our website - 3 Free sponsored post about your brand by 3 of our bloggers - Blogger will pick up item from you or You can post it (optional)/(Email:
Banner Advertising
Direct your advertisement to target more than 400 bloggers registered on our website from different niche such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, book, sport, food or tech. You can contact us to place your product banner directly on our website. /(Email:
Blogger request
Are you looking for a specific type of blogger or content creator? Contact us to place your search request direct on our platform of more than 400 Nigerian registered blogger both home and abroad./(Email:
Invite our bloggers
Are you looking to invite our bloggers for testing of products, reviews of your location (restaurant, hotel etc..) or attend your events? Contact us to forward your invites to our bloggers considering your location, brand and style. Our aim is to send you the appropriate blogger(s) for the best review,./(Email:

Meet the team

Meet the people that are going to take your blog to the next level.

Maryam SALAM

Maryam SALAM

Founder & Creative director .(CEO)

General management, Administration, creative...

    Demi Akinfenwa

    Demi Akinfenwa

    Ass. Creative Director, Insider, Forum manager

    Creative, Graphic, Visual - oriented

      Benita James

      Benita James

      Social Media manager (Facebook)

      Content creation, Social media

        Subomi Salami

        Subomi Salami

        Social Media manager (Twitter)

        Content creation, Social media

          And we will get in touch as son as possible: Email: Instagram: @thebloggerpointng Snapchat: THEBLOGGERPOINT

          Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos,Nigeria